When I wrote the "about the author" for the back of the book it came out very dry.   You don't have much real estate when you're writing a book blurb.  When I copied the same thing here, I realized I was doing my best to drive readers away from my site, which could possibly lead them away from my work!  So let me try revising it a bit.

I was born and raised in Brooklyn, New York.  When I started writing, it wasn't on stone tablets, we didn't use a quill and inkwell and to write at night didn't require any candles.  Nevertheless, when i started, computers were called "Typewriters"and my word processing programs were called "Wite Out." or "Ko-rec-type"

Besides writing fiction, I write about improving healthcare and am a health care advocate; speaking, writing and acting on behalf of those challenged by mental illness and other chronic disease.  My writing on those subjects has been published in "The Mental Health News" and on blogs, including my own. You can access it this link, or go to this sites "News" page where there is a blog feed and another link. Here's to Your Health, America

My work has been published on Yahoo Voices through the Yahoo Contributor Network since 2011. Some of my fiction has been featured content there. I built up a readership of thousands, and scores of fans at Yahoo before I decided to take the plunge and come out witt my first book.

"Not From Around Here" is that book, and is my first collection of short fiction. 

About Larry



Not From Around  Here

Walk into a world where very real people find themselves in unreal situations, and witness: a young man is sitting in a salon getting his haircut, when he sees someone waving to him in the mirror.  He looks around and realizes...the man waving is not in the room.....  A college student meets a beautiful girl that wants to fulfill all his fantasies, but first he must join her club, and the initiation...is a horror.  A man reaches out to his mother, he tries to connect, but she's just not the same anymore. 
This is the stuff of dreams and nightmares, including:  One man's life is in a shambles until a little boy with a special gift reminds him of healing power of friendship.  Aliens plan a tryst in a lovely mountain setting, but can Earth stand the bliss? A doctor stumbles upon a world-wide conspiracy, but his murder leaves it in the hands of his close friend to get
the secret to the government.  An African curse threatens to end a family's bloodline, but the ancient horror, once unleashed, won't stop there....  
From meeting yourself walking down the street to surviving a homicidal groundhog, you'll go places and meet people that are more familiar than you might expect.  You'll go on 18 journeys filled with excitement, suspense and laughter. And it all comes
together when you get to know Alan Trente...he's...Not From Around Here.