Hochwald’s stories are thought-provoking and unconventional. Across the collection, plotlines range widely, from government conspiracies to autobiographical stories of romance, as Hochwald provides the reader with different lenses through which to observe the mysteries of the universe. Moreover, these variations in style are a refreshing contrast to the overwrought themes of typical science-fiction and horror literature....

My favorites were “Faker,” “A Present for Mikey,”  “Carpet Shock,” “Almost Home,” “Wall,” “When this War Began” (about the author’s loss of his high school best friend), and the beautiful “Mother’s Nature”.  I must note that “Mother’s Nature,” a tale about the author and his mother is beautifully written in a way that earnestly relates his emotions, revitalizing you through the pages. The story is a simple and warm homage from a son to a mother, and it will touch your heart...

---Gabriella Sieiro Pavesi

   The Kingsman Newspaper (full review here)

The best book you probably haven’t read yet! "Not From Around Here" by Larry Hochwald 

---Mary S.

   Styll Reviews (full review here)

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Not From Around Here by Larry Hochwald. Inventiveness is definitely what sets Larry Hochwald's sf/horror anthology apart.
---Vanessa Morgan (full review to come)

Hochwald does a great job of building his protagonists with believable characteristics, as well as making them memorable. Each story has a unique and solid character in which you find the interactions to be stimulating and at times amusing. Then he takes his setting and either makes them dreamlike, or creepy, or just out of this world. Yet his descriptions draw a vivid picture that is often difficult with short stories.

--- Leslie Wright  Not From Around Here was chosen as an "Editor Pick" for Books and Fiction.  (This review was also published by the Seattle Post Intelligencer Site as well as many other sites.) (full review here

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