Jessica from "Join the Club," the groundhog from "Fur and Loathing" and Alan Trente from...well, you'll see...all insisted I keep the signed book on sale.

Who could, or would, want to say "no" to any of them?!

So, here's the deal: You can order signed copies of the paperback Not From Around Here, for only $12.99.  "How is that a sale price? That's the &$%#ing cover price!"  Okay, okay, calm down.  That sale price includes tax and shipping (within the U.S.A)!  "Oh! Nevermind."

There is a limit of 3 books for signed copies.  The savings get even greater if you buy 2 or 3 so give them as gifts!!!  The readers in your life will really appreciate a signed copy.

To purchase signed paperbacks, click the BUY NOW button over on the right!.  Use the drop down menu to select the quantity. 

Customize your order!

You want the signed copies to be to a specific person, or inscribed a certain way?  No problem.  After you place your order, email me at

and give me the email address and order number associated with your order.  Let me know what you want it to say, and make sure I have the right email to respond if there are any questions.  Simple, right?! 

For international orders, please inquire about shipping costs by emailing your query to